Wire Wound Assembly ...
Wire Wound Assembly Inductors
Round wire wounded coil assembled into a cube magnetic core as shielded DIP structure. Ferrite core with low core loss and thermal aging free. Green choke technique can be applied to produce two stage saturation for better efficiency and resist surge current.  
INC series is typical type.           
IHC series belong to green choke technique product.     
Iron powder core for soft-saturation. It is important for user to aware of iron powder core thermal aging and prevent it in design stage.               
IMD series is typical type for iron powder core.                                    
IMO series is open top type for iron powder core.                           
Alloy powder core having better saturation character.                             
IAM series is typical type.
Product's characteristics can be adjusted per request,others size and inductance is available for inquiry.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact our sale for latest information.
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IMAGE PART NO SIZE/mm L/uH Tol./% Rdc/mΩ Isat/A   ΔL-30%(typ) Irms/A    ΔT+40℃(typ) CHAR ATTACH.
IMO118-4R7M 11.2*11.2*8.5max 4.7 20% 9.2±10% 20 10
IMO1511-3R3M 15.0*15.0*11.2max 3.3 20% 2.07±10% 25 22
IMO1511-6R8M 15.5*13.5*11.0max 6.8 20% 5.25±10% 15 13
IAM0810-R22M 10.5*7.6*10.1max 0.22 20% 0.76±10% 43 40
IAM1109-R22M 11.5*11.5*9.0max 0.22 20% 0.52±10% 55 55
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